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  1. Reviewed as Client at Felycia wedding - Bride Story Testimonial

    Magic hands on my Face!. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful make-up you did for me yesterday, it really was beautiful, I loved it! We all loved the whole experience of being pampered during the photoshoot =D look forward to your next magic hands on my prewed photoshoot.

  2. Reviewed as Client at Victor & Imelda wedding - Bride Story Testimonial

    Super Satisfied. Baru aja makeup sama Leona, orangnya super humble & friendly, dan pastinya makeupnya sukaaa bangetttttt.

    Makeup resultnya halus banget & Bikin alisnya uda kasi Leona aja pasrah uda pasti bagus terpercaya. Ini foto buat prewedding dan uda pasti makeup weddingnya nanti mau sama Leona jugaa. Thanks Leona for today:*

  3. Reviewed as Bride at Alex & Meii wedding - Bride Story Testimonial

    Engagement Make Up. Hiii Lele!
    Thankyouuu bgd uda bantu make up-in for my engagement day~
    Thanks juga udh sabar make up-in gw yg bykk requestnya HAHA!
    And kangen juga ketemu adek kelas hihi..
    Lele make up nya GOOD dhh.. Love it!
    Good luck for your job yah..

  4. Reviewed as Bride at Andika & Mery wedding - Bride Story Testimonial

    Thank you banget untuk make up di Pre-wedding dan on my Big Day. It was so perfect touch and gorgeous. Hasil make up Leona tuh bagus, looks natural and soft, ga menor, dan yang paling penting: Leona detail banget. Itu yang aku suka dari make up dia. Apalagi orangnya gokil juga dan friendly.. Leonamakeuparts recommended abis. Two thumbs for you...

  5. ciii mau update aku baru balik, makeupnya bener2 kereeen! hahahaha ga oily sama sekali bner2 kayak di air brush, hueeee sukak

  6. Reviewed as Groom - Bride Story Testimonial

    Helpful Savior in the middle of rush prewedding photoshot. Leona has been a very helpful partner for us in our prewedding photoshot. Great person with beautiful makeup for Vivi. Responsible are one of her plus points. She helped us a lot not only as a make up artist but also style & gesture advisor as well ^^

    We had photoshots in Shanghai in December. With tight schedule and intense mobility in different photospot, Leona adjust it quickly and make a matching make up to the location and time we had. Thanks so much for your help and thank God we had the photoshot with the help of yours.

    Darwin & Vivi

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